Integrating Financial Metrics with Tech Portfolio Management: An Introduction

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13 March 2024

This webinar delves into the art and science of aligning an organization's technological initiatives with its financial goals. We will explore how Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) serves as a critical framework for this integration, ensuring that IT investments and activities are not only technologically sound but also financially viable and strategically aligned.

We'll discuss the dynamics of financial and IT collaboration, examining how modern tooling, strategic planning, and agile methodologies can be harmonized to create a cohesive, value-driven approach. From establishing shared metrics and dynamic investment reviews to leveraging predictive analytics for budgeting and capacity planning, this session provides an overview for professionals looking to blend financial acumen with technological expertise. We will focus on:

  • The Fundamentals of LPM: Gain insights into how Lean Portfolio Management can be used as a framework for aligning IT projects with financial objectives, ensuring that technology investments contribute to overall business value.
  • An Introduction to Integrating Financial and IT Data: Explore strategies for integrating real-time financial data with agile IT management, enhancing decision-making and financial transparency in technology projects.
  • Incremental Funding and Dynamic Budgeting: An introduction to agile budgeting and funding models that adapt to the evolving nature of technology projects, ensuring that financial resources are allocated efficiently and effectively.
  • Create Shared Metrics for IT and Finance: Discover how to develop and utilize shared performance metrics that resonate with both finance and IT departments, facilitating a common language for measuring success and ROI.

This webinar is designed to provide attendees with practical insights and actionable strategies for bridging the often-siloed worlds of finance and IT. Whether you're a CFO looking to understand the nuances of technology investments or an IT leader aiming to align your projects with financial goals, this session will get you started with the concepts to foster a more collaborative and effective approach within your organization.


Earn 1 PDU/CDU credit when you attend live, good towards any of the following:

  • PDU (PMI)

  • SEU (Scrum Alliance)

  • CDU (IIBA)

  • CDU People Cert (aka ITIL)

Presented by:


Chris Knotts, Principal Consultant, Technology Transformation Strategies LLC

Chris is an experienced leader in enterprise technology with over two decades in training, coaching, and emergent technology enablement, particularly in project management. He excels in creating transformative technology training programs focused on software development, data environments, and agile methodologies. His expertise encompasses enterprise software engineering, advanced analytics, data engineering, and the application of AI and machine learning in business. Chris combines design thinking and lean technology management to innovate in product development and operational strategies, impacting various sectors such as government, education, and multinational corporations.

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