AI Ethics, Responsibilities, and Governance

AI Ethics, Responsibilities, and Governance
28 November 2023

Overview: Dive into the pressing ethical considerations surrounding the rapid advancements in AI. As AI technologies evolve, it's paramount to ensure they're developed, utilized, and governed ethically to uphold fairness, individual rights, and prevent harm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transparency: Grasp the complexity of deep learning and the need for transparency. Developers should, where feasible, disclose potential biases.

  • Fairness & Bias: Understand the importance of unbiased AI training. Strive for fairness, evaluate biases, and work towards their elimination.

  • Accountability: Recognize the responsibility developers and organizations bear for AI-driven decisions. Uncover mechanisms to address AI-induced errors.

  • Privacy & Data Protection: Learn how AI can adhere to privacy standards, ensuring informed consent during data collection and its subsequent protection.

  • Safety & Reliability: Delve into the rigorous testing required to ensure AI's safety and reliability, especially in critical sectors like healthcare.

  • Human Oversight: Highlight the complementary role of AI in human decision-making, emphasizing the need for human oversight in pivotal decisions.

  • Governance & Regulation: Explore the guidelines and regulations that steer ethical AI development. Engage in discussions shaping AI's ethical and safety standards.

  • Ethical Use Cases: Recognize the potential societal impacts of AI. Aim for its socially beneficial applications while avoiding harmful deployments.

  • Public Engagement: Emphasize public awareness and engagement given AI's vast influence. Involve stakeholders in decisions, especially when AI actions hold them accountable.

Final Thoughts: Balancing AI innovation with ethical governance is essential. This webinar outlines principles and responsibilities that should anchor AI's evolution, ensuring its benefits to society while curbing harm and unethical practices.


Presented by:

David Mantica thumbnail

David Mantica, VP and General Manager, US

Fueled by his passion for developing empowered knowledge workers, David Mantica helps companies develop their teams through training and coaching, equipping them with the critical skills needed to work effectively in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. With over 30 years of experience and more than 700 speaking engagements, he has inspired better work practices in all areas of business.

Find out more about David Mantica here.

Kim Parker

Kim Parker, President, K.A Parker & Associates, Inc.

Kim's career boasts teaching thousands in technical domains, spearheading significant IT projects, and contributing as an Adjunct Professor at North Carolina State University. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Kim is passionate about community involvement, with notable contributions to town planning and volunteer roles. Currently, as President of K.A. Parker & Associates, Inc., he channels his vast IT knowledge. Kim is currently writing a book delving into the multifaceted world of Artificial Intelligence.

This is a recorded session of a live webinar event. Watch the webinar above.

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