Whether you’re building an internal academy, scaling your agile adoption or seeking a licensing partner for your organisation, SoftEd is your trusted delivery partner.


SoftEd offer licensing for our ICAgile accredited courseware, in addition to delivering our highly regarded programs.  

We are the largest provider of ICAgile accredited training globally and have a comprehensive agile curriculum from which you can draw upon. This includes accreditation for ICAgile learning tracks in Agile Coaching, Value Management, Agile Management, Agile Development and Agile Testing. 

We work with the following customers:

  • Corporates:  Building an internal agile academy or commencing an agile transformation program and need to build agile capabilities at scale? SoftEd licenses a comprehensive agile curriculum which is an ideal option for those looking to establish their own in-house training capability.  We also offer the flexibility to deliver programs for you, or in combination with you, depending on your needs.

  • Government Departments/Agencies:  We work with both federal, state and regional government departments to assist them to build their skills and knowledge through course licensing. This is a great solution for agencies seeking a cost-effective solution for educating a large number of learners. 


What's included in a licensing package? 

As part of a licensing package, you will receive:

  • A master set of instructor and student materials
  • Courseware slides in editable Microsoft PowerPoint and Word format
  • Train-the-trainer support sessions
  • Courseware updates and support after purchase
  • Optional use of SoftEd trainers for back-up delivery
  • Optional support for the delivery of follow-on courses where you may not have the volume or expertise to deliver under license

Why license courseware?

When you license our courses, you gain access to world-class material, expert trainers and coaches, and a support structure to ensure you can deliver on your objectives.  

  • Established in 1990, we have over 25 years of experience in education and consulting.
  • Access the widest range of ICAgile accredited programs globally. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your agile training needs. 
  • Our programs are world-class, developed by subject matter experts with the right combination of theory and practice.
  • We are a founding partner of the Agile Academy and the largest provider of ICAgile training globally. Over 10,000 learners have gained ICAgile certification with SoftEd.
  • Gain the help and support you need for your learning journey.  We work closely with our partner organisation - including providing train-the-trainer sessions and follow up to ensure they have the necessary tools to thrive.


What courses can be licensed?

We offer the following range of accredited courses:  



Agile Fundamentals 
ICAgile Certified Professional 

This course is suitable for both IT and business professionals. It is designed for those with limited experience to provide participants with an introduction to the agile approach.  Learners will look at the underlying philosophy and motivation for the agile methodology and examine the core values, principles, practices and techniques that encompass agile.  This course encompasses new ways of working and a variety of agile brands such as scrum and lean, to give participants hands-on experience of what it means to work and think in an agile manner.



Foundation of DevOps 
ICAgile Certified Professional in Foundation of DevOps    

This course provides an overview of DevOps, including its history, the cultural changes required to effectively apply DevOps, and the practices that support the goals of DevOps. Learners will explore continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and the deployment pipeline that lies at the heart of DevOps.


 ICP APO icon

Agile Product Ownership 
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Product Ownership

This course will prepare participants to gain the techniques and tools to enable them to become an effective product owner who is equipped to guide product development, and lead product ownership teams. They will also cover value management and why collaboration is so important in identifying the most important aspects and features of a product.



Agile Programming Techniques 
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Programming 

This course teaches participants agile programming practices to create high-quality systems. During this course, participants will gain hands-on experience and practice with tools and techniques for designing and implementing systems. They will apply specifications written in the form of user examples and unit tests to drive development with test-driven development (TDD), behaviour-driven development (BDD) and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). This is a great course for developers and technical testers wanting a better understanding along with the opportunity to practically apply agile tools and techniques.

ICP ASD icon

Agile Design and Architecture
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Software Design

This course examines the values, principles and philosophy behind agile architecture and design and looks at the technical leadership role needed through all phases of an agile project. Participants will gain an applied understanding of the agile approach to enterprise architecture, domain architecture and application architecture. This program addresses the agile design principles and the role of the architect and covers the principles of good architectures and design - continuous integration, delivery, deployment and DevOps.



Agile Test Automation 
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Test Automation 

This course examines the application of automated testing in teams working in an agile environment.  It delves into the specific automation practic­es and techniques used on agile projects, explains the theory and concepts behind the agile automation approach and will help testers to free up more time which can be directed to higher value testing activities.



Agile Testing  
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Testing 

This course is designed for testers working on agile projects. Participants will learn to adapt and enhance their existing testing skills and learn to work effectively as a professional tester on an agile team. This course examines the application of testing in teams working on agile projects, covers specific testing practices and techniques which are used on agile projects, explains the theory and con­cepts behind the agile testing approach and prepares team members to succeed in an agile environment.


ICP EPO icon

Agile Product Ownership  
ICAgile Certified Professional in Enterprise Product Ownership

Portfolio management is the discipline of maximising value through selecting which initiatives to invest in, how much to invest and when to stop investing.  This course will provide participants with a rounded understanding of how to build, maintain and manage an agile portfolio across an organisation.  They will also learn how an adaptive funding model creates an environment where your organisation can respond to change at a tactical and strategic level while maintaining predictability and ensuring good governance processes are followed.



Agile Project Management
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Project Management  

This course is designed to improve the success rate of projects. This program will help participants learn the skills, techniques and mindset needed to manage projects using an agile approach.  They will learn how to collaborate with stakeholders and support self-organising teams in continuously adjusting and refining their efforts to increase efficiency and effectiveness.



Agile Team Facilitation
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Team Facilitation  

This course is for scrum masters or iteration managers looking to improve their facilitation skills. They will learn how collaborative workshops can be planned, organised and run; and how each team member can contribute to achieving maximum effectiveness - while identifying potential pitfalls and how to avoid and address them. This program will also assist participants in addressing aspects of your role to build capability across the wider team.



Agile Coaching
ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching   

This course is designed for experienced practitioners moving into a coaching role.  This program is deeply experiential, immersing learners in hands-on coaching exercises to reinforce coaching theory. They will gain the skills needed to be an effective coach and mentor to bring the best out in the teams they support – and help their team achieve maximum benefit from an agile transformation.

For more information about how our courses align to ICAgile accreditations, click here


Becoming an ICAgile member organisation

Organisations can become Member Organisation with the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) and have their own facilitators accredited to award internationally-recognised certifications from licensing SoftEd’s ICAgile accredited courses.


Additional services

We provide the following services alongside course licensing:

Agile training: We offer training, either as part of our public schedule, or for larger teams we offer private customised in-house training where we can design a program to meet our customer’s specific needs. We can deliver courses in conjunction with course licensing or deliver courses that you have licensed. 

Agile coaching: We offer coaching for delivery teams as well as an Agile Coaching Academy to build the capability and competence of internal coaches. This program is designed for agile coaches, scrum masters and facilitators. 

Agile leadership and organisational agility: Recognising that leadership support is crucial to an agile adoption, we offer leadership programs to support executives and managers to understand and effectively drive an agile transformation. Our business agility program is designed to help our customers move to a culture of continuous learning, innovation and agility.

For more information about course licensing, please contact us with your requirements.